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Meet Dr. Matthew DeRosier

Dr. Matthew's profile photo.Experiencing Chiropractic’s Benefits

At age 16, Dr. De experienced pain that went from his neck into his right shoulder. He complained to his mom, as teenagers do! His mom told him he should visit a chiropractor. Dr. De wasn’t sure what a chiropractor did, and it took him another week of complaining before finally deciding to give it a try. The chiropractor’s knowledge impressed him and the adjustment he received relieved the tension in his shoulder.

Encouragement from his family and his visit to the chiropractor made Dr. De realize he wanted to offer the same hands-on help to others.

Training and Learning

Dr. De attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. He was an Army medic with the Minnesota National Guard from 1992-1998. During his second year in chiropractic college, Dr. De had to put off his finals for flood duty in Fargo-Moorhead when the Red River flooded. He was able to later retake his final exams and graduated in 1999. After school when he was in practice, Dr. De got to see amazing miracles happen to his patients.

Keeping Busy with Family

Dr. De and his lovely wife (who he happily admits is the smarter half of their relationship!) have three children. They’re kept busy with volleyball, basketball, choir, baseball, basketball, piano, and dance. They enjoy time at home and getting outdoors whenever they can. Dr. De enjoys watching NFL games, running, watching kids, and golfing. He is active with church functions as well.

From colicky babies to 97 year olds, I’ve seen all sorts of great things happen to my patients.

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