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Welcome to Bismarck Chiropractors Meet Your Goals

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Get Healthy at Chiropractic CareCentre

The breadth of experience that Bismarck chiropractors, Dr. Matthew DeRosier and Dr. Blaine Olsen possess allows them to offer care for all ages of patients. Chiropractic CareCentre is here to honor what your goals are and make you our priority. Natural, drug-free chiropractic care can benefit everyone, from infants to adults. We want to relieve your pain and maintain the health of your entire family.

A Relaxing Experience

Our comfortable practice has a fun atmosphere that will put you right at home. Our staff is always ready to help you and you’ll often see kids in the office. All of our doctors are members of the North Dakota Chiropractic Association. We’ve learned many techniques over our years of experience and are ready to address your specific needs.

Our Services

We’re here to identify your concerns and use our many services to help you. At Chiropractic CareCentre, care is individualized to your needs. We offer:

Are you looking for ways to improve or maintain your health? We’re ready to create a plan with you!
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