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What to Expect

Bismarck Chiropractor What To Expect

Welcome to our office!

The team at Chiropractic CareCentre welcomes you to our comfortable, family-friendly office. Let’s discuss your goals and how we’ll help you reach them!

First Visit

You can find the necessary paperwork on our Online Forms page and complete it prior to arriving for chiropractic and nutritional visits. Otherwise, we recommend you allow 10-15 minutes to complete it when you get here. Then you’ll see one of our chiropractors for an examination.

We’ll make sure to fully explain the process to you and the results of your examination. We’ll proceed with treatment if we feel we can help you. Otherwise, we’ll refer you to another doctor that we feel is better suited to address your needs.

If X-rays are needed, we’ll order them from a local hospital. This visit will take about 45 minutes to complete, including time for paperwork. Loose clothing isn’t necessary to wear, but it’s great if you’re able to.

Regular Visits

Each of your following visits will last just 15 minutes. Some people choose to visit a chiropractor regularly. There are many advantages to chiropractic care, including that it doesn’t use drugs or surgery, isn’t addictive and that there are few side effects. Everybody heals and responds differently. Some choose to use chiropractic in a short-term manner and some choose to continue seeing us to stay healthy.

We honor your choices and are here to help you benefit from chiropractic as long as you want to.

Do you have any questions about how we can help you reach your health goals? Download our list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if it has the answer you need. And, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss any questions with you. (701) 222-2252