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Smoking Cessation in Bismarck

Bismarck Smoking Cessation

Let us help you stop smoking today!

Developed by Our Founder

Chiropractic CareCentre was originally owned by Dr. Dennis Sailer. He developed an innovative program that will help suppress your nicotine cravings through the use of electroacupuncture. If you’re looking to save money and improve your health by quitting smoking, we’re ready to help you get there.

What is Electroacupuncture?

Electroacupuncture combines the Chinese theory of contacting acupuncture points on your body with an electronic treatment. We are sedating 12 nerve points by using an almost undetectable electric current. By sedating those nerve points, the desire for the nicotine is removed. That’s all this therapy will do, break the addiction to the nicotine: it leaves you with your habit. There will be times when the association will still be strong for that cigarette.

A Five-Point System

Our smoking cessation system involves five points that will lead you through to success and sharing your happiness with others:

  • Your commitment to quitting
  • Turning off your nicotine cravings
  • Being mindful of your triggers and habits
  • Rewarding yourself with your saved money
  • Telling others that there’s help for them

Help for Nutrition

Often, people are afraid that quitting will lead to a weight gain. Because of this concern, we encourage our patients to reward themselves with their saved money not spent on cigarettes. For those still concerned about weight gain, our nutrition counselor Kim DeRosier is here to help you. She’ll be happy to meet with you and talk about your nutritional needs.

Our success rate with this therapy is 80%! History shows that 65% of smokers quit with the first treatment, and 15-20% need further treatments. Learn more about our therapy in our Stop Smoking Fact Sheet.

Are you looking for smoking cessation in Bismarck? We can help you reach your goal to quit. Contact us today. (701) 222-2252

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